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Stakeholding: Investing For Your Long-Term Success!

Stakeholder Society book cover

With your spending and debt planned and under control you should start to see money left over to finance your longer-term goals.  And I believe there are only a couple of ways to do this: put the money into a savings account, or start to invest it. This upcoming series will focus on investing, and…

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Take the Money! Why Is It So Hard To Give Away?

Take the money: A Hand Fanning Out $20 Bills

Let’s start with the depressing news, which isn’t exactly a “newsflash”: We’re falling short on retirement. You can find articles on this all over, from the Wall Street Journal to the Huffington Post. Folks either don’t have access to retirement accounts through work, aren’t saving enough, or don’t know what to do with the retirement…

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The Journey to Financial Freedom!

Road toward distant mountains

OK, now it’s time to start talking about the process of “maximizing your resources” and “thriving”. So here is a Reader’s Digest version of the entire process to your journey to financial freedom!   Wait! What?? Is this the absolutely stupidest thing I’ve ever done in business? Give away my entire business strategy? Yep, but…

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