How To Build An Investment Portfolio

A chalkboard showing a pie chart of investment types

When you’re putting together an investment portfolio two things are the most important: your asset allocation, and the fees that you pay. In my Fees: The Other F-Bomb post we dug into the topic of investment fees. Now it’s time to look at how to build an investment portfolio! Asset Correlation My apologies in advance! …

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My End of Year Market Predictions for 2018!

A man in a suit staring at a crystal ball. Can he make market predictions?

I know just where the stock market will be on December 31st, 2018. Not just the Dow Jones, but the tech-filled NASDAQ as well. And heck, let’s throw in an international stock index just to really impress! Let’s pick the London Stock Exchange, shall we? Please read on for my end of year market predictions…

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Hang On Tight Because I’m Dropping The F-Bomb!

In my last post we talked about the difference in investment returns between passively managed mutual funds (called index funds) and actively managed funds. We also talked about no-load funds versus load funds (funds that have a sales charge). In that post I claimed that both actively managed funds and load funds underperformed their passive…

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How to Win with Mutual Funds

In our last post we talked about different ways to invest in cash, bonds and stocks. For stocks and bonds these included individual investments as well as mutual funds and ETFs. In this post we’re going to dive deeper into the world of mutual funds. Boring you say? If you want to be a successful…

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Ways to Invest

Stock from the Walt Disney Company. One of the ways to invest in individual stocks

There are lots of ways to invest and some are good for your financial health. But others can represent pretty poor investments. With this post we’ll talk about ways to invest in the three essential investments we’ve already been discussing: cash, bonds, and stocks. A quick note before we begin: I’ll mention a bunch of…

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