The Journey to Financial Freedom!

OK, now it’s time to start talking about the process of “maximizing your resources” and “thriving”. So here is a Reader’s Digest version of the entire process to your journey to financial freedom!


Wait! What?? Is this the absolutely stupidest thing I’ve ever done in business? Give away my entire business strategy? Yep, but maybe it’ll get you interested enough to…read on…!


If you’ve looked at the Work With Me page of my website, you’ll see that the goal of this weekly blog is to provide personal finance articles and useful tips that you can use right away. But to me that doesn’t mean giving you a list of the five best credit cards (or savings accounts or checking accounts) to use right away. Do you want a list like that? If so, please contact me by clicking here and I’ll give you a list of three awesome bloggers that you can subscribe to. Or you can just Google “best credit cards”. And sort through the 139-million results. But in my opinion, the path to thriving financially is a process, not a web search.


So, with that in mind, here are the steps to the process of thriving financially.


  1. Figure Out Your Why.  A journey to financial freedom starts with a single step. But you have to know why you’re taking the journey. This is critical! Is worrying about money keeping you up at night? Are you arguing with your significant other and it always seems to boil down to money? Do you have to write a check for rent or a mortgage and have no idea how to do that because of a life transition? Maybe you want to know more about investments, but everyone you’ve spoken to makes it seem so complicated? Or do you want to start a family or go on vacation but have no idea how you can afford to do that? Start with the why, and the rest will follow.


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If you have questions about starting this journey to financial freedom or just want to chat, please schedule a 30-minute free consultation with me by clicking here or visiting .



  1. Know Your Starting Point.  Make a list of all of your financial resources (checking accounts, savings accounts and so on) and all of your financial obligations (credit card debt, car payments, mortgage and so on). Think of this as the foundation for your house: It’s what everything else rests on, and your job is to make sure the foundation is as strong as it can be. Once you know the foundation is strong, keep building! When we work together, we’ll develop a personalized set of tools to analyze your financial resources and obligations. But you have to get in touch first.


  1. Set Up A Spending Plan.  OK, I’ll be honest, some people call this a budget. I know that word can cause some stress. But this is really important: To manage your money, you have to know what your financial priorities are and how to dedicate your money to those priorities. So instead of thinking of this step as having to make (and live within) a budget, think of it as a plan to build an understanding of your finances, set priorities, and have a plan to meet those priorities.


Piggy bank in camouflage pattern

Set a Spending Plan To Build Awareness and Set Priorities


  1. Make A Plan To Thrive.  With a spending plan in place, you can decide how much is left to work toward your goals beyond your basic expenses, whatever you decide those goals are. I have to be honest: This is the point that you may think “the process” is complete. But I think it’s just begun! Keeping forward momentum and accountability – for the long-term – is key to your success!


  1. Thrive!  OK, that’s a pretty easy one to envision, at least when we’ve gotten to this point in the process. The trick to keep on track and keep building momentum!


So yup, in a nutshell those are the principles to help you thrive financially. The “magic” comes in going through these steps intentionally, with help where you need it and with consistency and a long-term view.


Next week, we’ll look at a powerful tool to ramp up your savings over the long term. I’d be honored if you continue on this journey with me, and thanks SO MUCH for joining me this week. I truly appreciate it.


If you have questions or just want to chat, please schedule a 30-minute free consultation by clicking here or by visiting .