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These posts will cover items related to income, savings and investing. And maybe a book review once in a while. It’s my goal that these will be really useful to you, and I would love your feedback on whether you find value here. Please let me know! You can reach me at info@andyproctor.com

Why Financial Coaching/Readiness?

I’ve been doing affordable housing finance and development consulting for a long time and some of my friends may be wondering if this represents a switch from housing. Nope! I’m still doing housing consulting.

But I’ve thought for a very long time that I’d rather see people have tools to maximize their income and assets from the start, so they don’t need subsidy in the first place. So, my goal is to help clients gain control of their finances and know that money is a resource that they can use to achieve their goals, rather than it being something that controls them and keeps them up at night.

I believe money is tool that you can use to achieve your personal goals.

Why focus on Service Members Transitioning Out and Vets?

When I got out of the Navy they sent you to a workshop for a couple of days and then they showed you to the gate. Ouch! On the other side of that gate it was like falling off a cliff: people didn’t speak my language, they didn’t understand my experiences, and they dressed funny. All of a sudden housing was difficult, food was difficult, jobs were difficult. And because of where I had been stationed I had a lot of advantages in my transition, but it was still very tough.

Today the military does the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) which is designed to help service members transition out of the military. That’s a good thing. But even with something like that, how come so many Vets find it tough to adjust to life on the “outside”? Because it’s still just as abrupt a change when you get to the other side of the gate as it was before.

I faced those changes before and came through successfully. So, I know it’s my mission to help transitioning service members and fellow Vets in their successful transition to the civilian world in order to achieve the dreams and goals they had when they decided to leave the service.

It’s my mission to help transitioning service members and fellow Vets in their successful transition to the civilian world

Do I just work with transitioning service members and Vets? Not at all! Mastering financial and other opportunities isn’t just limited to Vets, and I’m proud to serve non-military clients as well.

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